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NTACHC is a 501C-3 nonprofit corporation governed by a community-based board of directors.  Contributions to NTACHC are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

In April 2020, one of our patients came into the Northside Center for an appointment related to her diabetes. The patient was a single mother who had no family support in Fort Worth. She was wondering if she contracted COVID-19 and also feared what would happen to her young daughter if she was sick. Her provider assured her that not only is NTACHC here for her diabetic concerns but, NTACHC offers counseling services for their patients. The provider spent time with her discussing how she and her daughter could stay safe from COVID-19 by following the CDC guidelines that include wearing a mask and washing their hands. This patient went home with a clear understanding of the guidelines and explained them to her daughter. Her daughter became very frightened and did not want to wear a mask. The mother remembered that NTACHC offered counseling services and made an appointment to talk with one of the counselors through a virtual call. During the call, the mother was able to discuss her fears and her daughter’s fear of COVID-19 and wearing a mask. From the counselor’s help, the patient learned how to address COVID-19 with a child and how to calm her daughter’s fear of wearing a mask. To date, the patient continues to care for her diabetes through telehealth services with NTACHC and has had a few more counseling sessions. The patient and her daughter are doing well and have remained safe and have not contracted COVID-19.

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