November is National Diabetes Month, and North Texas Area Community Health Centers (NTACHC) want to help you get your diabetes under control. Type 1 diabetes, a condition when the body doesn’t produce insulin, happens at any age affecting people of every size, shape and race. This condition can be managed with the help of our providers at NTACHC.

A1C is a simple blood test to identify prediabetes. The higher the levels, the greater your risk of developing diabetes. Manuel was diagnosed with diabetes in late 2019, and at the time his A1C levels were dangerously high. They were at 13.4% (greater than 6.5% is considered diabetic), yet he did not recognize any symptoms of diabetes. He had two toes amputated as a result, and the healing process was very slow due to his poor health.

To improve his health, he began attending a diabetes class at NTACHC. The first week, he learned more about diabetes and its complications. After his first class, he realized that he had symptoms he had not recognized previously, which included stress, fatigue and excessive drinking. He also discovered that nutrition was important and what foods he needed to eat to become healthy. Manuel recognized that he needed more physical activity and learned how to deal with stress. He also discovered the risks of drinking alcohol. He also learned more about what medications he needed to control his diabetes and how to care for himself.

Manuel returned to the second class a few months later, and he was much healthier than the first time our providers saw him. His glucose levels had dropped significantly, and he had healed completely from his amputation. His wife also has diabetes, and together they were able to apply what they learned from the classes and are now living healthier lives with their diabetes under control.

There are many undiagnosed cases of diabetes that can lead to dangerous health diagnoses, but with NTACHC providers and educators, we can help patients get well and stay well. If you need help, please contact us to become a patient by calling 817-625-4254. If you are a current patient, talk to your provider about diabetes.

Patient Story - Manuel

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