North Texas Area Community Health Centers’ Living Your Best Life Program Helps Guadalupe Control Her Diabetes

More than a year ago, Guadalupe noticed that she wasn’t feeling like her best self and was experiencing high volumes of stress. She knew that she wanted to take control of her well-being and decided to reach out to North Texas Area Community Health Centers (NTACHC). Guadalupe was drawn to NTACHC because they were genuinely interested in her health and offered assistance for her financial situation.

During her initial visit, Guadalupe learned that she was struggling with uncontrolled diabetes. Her provider suggested taking insulin, but she was hesitant. After discussing different options with her provider, Guadalupe agreed that if she made lifestyle changes over the next few months, she may not have to take the medication. As an effort to help Guadalupe with the changes, her provider referred her to NTACHC’s Living Your Best Life Program (LYBL) – a program that’s designed to help individuals control their diabetes and high blood pressure. NTACHC has assigned staff members who are nurses who help people in this important program.

While participating in LYBL, Guadalupe was taught healthy cooking and eating habits in a group setting. She was also provided with educational materials to help her set realistic goals and learn how to address barriers that may keep her from being as healthy as possible. Shortly after, Guadalupe was connected to Rosa es Rojo. Rosa es Rojo is an NTACHC partner that provides education on nutrition, emotional health, positive thinking and physical activities for Hispanic women in North Texas.

Thanks to LYBL and Rosa es Rojo, Guadalupe’s life has been tremendously impacted. Not only was she able to reverse her diabetes, but she lost weight. She remarked, “Finding NTACHC was a huge blessing.” Anytime Guadalupe comes across someone who has a similar problem, she is quick to recommend them to NATCHC. “My life has changed, and it’s visible. NTACHC has shown me a new way of living, and I don’t want to go back to my unhealthy ways.”

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